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Rhino Horn Neti Pot Nasal Cleanser

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    • Rhino Horn Neti Pot Nasal Cleanser
    • Measuring Spoon
    • Colors Available: Blue; Red; Green (Junior/Kids)
    • The Rhino Horn Neti Pot is a device for nasal cleaning with saline water
    • The Neti Pot is one of the most popular new methods of personal hygiene and health improvement available today, and the Rhino Horn Neti Pot is the best available.
    • This simple tool for nasal irrigation, coming from the ancient tradition of Yoga and Ayurveda, is a great way to counter nasal congestion, sinus allergies, headaches, and many other health problems that can otherwise be difficult to treat.
    • The Rhino Horn enables you to breathe better, which can give you more energy that can literally transform your life.
    • The neti pot is inexpensive, easy to use, and helpful for everyone. Once you try it and experience its benefits, it will quickly become a regular part of your daily routine.
    • Rhino Horn Junior (Green) is a Neti Pot specially made for children at the age of 4–12 years. Junior is 2/3 in size to fit in a child’s hand and has a smaller and longer tip suitable for a child’s nostrils.
    • Rhino Horn Junior (Green) has been inspired by pediatric doctors at hospitals in France, Holland, and Sweden seeing the tremendous benefits for their patients using Rhino Horn.
    • Designed in Norway
    • Comfortable and Effective, its design creates a good natural pressure from gravity for cleansing the nasal passages.
    • The Rhino Horn Neti Pot is recommended by many Ear, Nose, and Throat doctors throughout Europe.
    • Rhino Horn is free of phthalates, cadmium, and Bisphenol A (BPA).
    • Rhino Horn is produced under ISO 13485:2003, a certificate for the production of medical devices
    • The Norwegian Health Department has issued a Free Sales Certificate for Rhino Horn, which means that it has been approved for sale in all EEC countries (EU + EFTA).
    • Rhino Horn is a registered trademark by Yogaprosess AS in the EU, Norway, Turkey, Israel, Thailand, USA, and Canada. This product is CE-marked in compliance with the 93/42/EEC directive as a Class I medical device.
    • Rhino Horn has been analyzed by a so-called REACH 168 test; an EU defined test to detect any of 168 dangerous chemicals (SVHC – Substances of Very High Concern) which are included in the REACH system (Registration, Evaluation, Authorization, and Restriction of Chemicals).

    Just for you: For ages, nasal cleansing has been part of folk medicine in many areas of the world, and it is also a recognized natural medical treatment. Many ENT doctors recommend Rhino Horn for their patients.

    Fishermen all over the world have been rinsing their nasal passages with salt water for generations. In some African tribes, nasal cleansing is referred to as a «purifier of thoughts», i.e. clearing the head. In the Yoga tradition, nasal cleansing is known as Neti.

    Are you struggling with asthma or respiratory allergy to pollen or dust? The use of Rhino Horn is an effective treatment of occasional sinusitis and even an essential assistant at chronic sinusitis. Nasal saline irrigation is mandatory after nasal surgery.

    Stop Snoring! Many snores report a reduction of snoring after having used Rhino Horn before bedtime.

    Pregnant women easily get swollen mucous membranes because of hormonal changes. They too are helped by the use of Rhino Horn.

    Even severe respiratory illnesses like cystic fibrosis, COPD, or ciliary dyskinesia are known to be much alleviated by the use of Rhino Horn.

    Most people like taking a shower simply because it gives a nice refreshed feeling of wakefulness and alertness. An inner shower with Rhino Horn has a somewhat similar effect.

    Just for the environment: Rhino Horn is made of recyclable PEHD (PolyEthylene High-Density).

    Just Unique: The main reason for Rhino Horn’s success is the immense support of the medical society. Rhino Horn is simple to use, effective, with no side effects and an affordable device to be used for many years with no extra cost.

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