In this section you will find answers the most common asked questions regarding the use and installation of the Alkanatur Pithcher.

What is Alkanatur Ionized Alkaline Water?

Alkanatur Ionized Alkaline water helps your body work less to keep its Alkaline pH.  Most of the diets are acidic and your body is constantly working to keep its pH. Alkanatur Ionized Alkaline water guarantees a pH between 8.5 and 9.5 that will help your body keep its pH while also adding antioxidants to boost your system.

What are the health benefits?

Alkalinity: Provides balance to the pH of the body by targeting mild metabolic acidity. Antioxidants: They are molecules capable of delaying or preventing the oxidation of other molecules (oxidation is a chemical reaction of electron transfer form a substance to an oxidizing agent). Oxidation reactions can produce free radicals that start chain reaction that damage cells.

Are all Alkaline Waters the same?

No, we have to differentiate between the bottled and those that are processed by devices (Pitchers, Electrolysis…). Within the bottled, there are natural products such a Monchique (rich in sodium, alkalizing mineral) or man-made (Agua fit pH9) where these types of water have a low antioxidant capacity (ORP) due to its volatility. Also, the plastics of the bottles may contain endocrine disruptors. Ideally, you are looking for a product that does not add sodium, guarantees an alkaline pH and has a high antioxidant capacity.  Their containers must be free of endocrine disruptors such as BPA, and has some certificates that validate the quality of the product.

Does the Alkaline Ionized Water lose its properties if heated or cooled?

The alkaline water does not lose its properties by heating or cooling.

Can mineralized water, tap water, or reverse osmosis water also be alkalized?

Any type of water can be alkalized and ionized.

Can I take Alkanatur Ionized Alkaline water with infusions, tea or coffee?

It can be taken with any type of infusions, tea or coffee.

What should I look for when deciding on a method for alkanization?

Before you buy, ask for a certificate issued by a serious institution on the chlorides and sodium of the Pitcher. Also, make sure the product guarantees an alkaline pH, that it does not add sodium, that it has a high antioxidant capacity, and the plastics are free of endocrine disruptors such as BPA. Finally, also look for a product that eliminates fluorides, pesticides, heavy metals, excess chlorides, etc. We advise that filters do not last more than 6 months (we recommend replace them every 3 months) because of the high risk of bacterial and microbiological contamination. Some models add silver to the vegetable carbon to try to alleviate this issue. However, silver has been limited by the FDA and other international organizations for possible health hazards.  In conclusion, always ask for a satisfaction guarantee of at least 30 days.

  The conventional Pitchers in the market (Brita, Jata, etc.), do they alkalize and ionize water?

These types of Pitchers because of their ion exchange resin, usually add to the water sodium and chlorides. Generally, they are acidic water with little or no antioxidant capacity and with very poor oxygen supply.

Are the Long-Lasting Filters (1 year) efficient?

They are totally discouraged because of hygiene. The maximum duration of active carbon filter should be 6 months. Where is the Alkanatur Pitcher manufactured? The Alkanatur Pitcher and filter are fabricated in Spain and all the materials are sourced from within Europe, keeping the highest quality standards.

Where is the Alkanatur Pitcher manufactured?

The Alkanatur Pitcher and filter are fabricated in Spain and all the materials are sourced from within Europe, therefore keeping the highest quality standards.

What are the different uses of Alkanatur Ionized Alkaline Water?

Its use is very varied: In addition to its main function as direct intake, it can also be used in the following cases: To remove agro-toxic from fruit and vegetables. It is advisable to submerge these products for 5 minutes. To cook: Vegetables have a more intense color and food in general tastes batter. For infusions and Coffee Cosmetic: High moisturizing effect and use as a make-up remover Dental hygiene: Use as a mouthwash (bacteria that causes cavities, and other pathologies, only proliferates in acidic environments.

How long do Alkanatur Filters last?

Each filter has a duration of 400 liters (3 months on average). When filtering more than this quantity it is recommended to replace it. The pH and the antioxidant capacity have a much longer duration, but the purifying effect (removal of heavy metals, excess chlorine, etc.) is what is first depleted due to the saturation of the coconut charcoal. In any case, do not exceed its use for more than 6 months for hygiene reasons.

Antioxidant capacity is the same in all products in the market?

 If we talk about antioxidation, the most important feature is bioavailability. This is the percentage of this property that is assimilated by the human body. All systems that we have analyzed barely reach 10% of their effectiveness. Alkanatur has the CAM system (Capacity to Maintain Antioxidant) whose bioavailability reaches 77.7% (shown in studies carried out by the University of Vigo).

What is the difference between hydrogenated water and Alkanatur Ionized Alkaline Water?

 Hydrogenated water acidifies water. On the contrary the alkaline water alkalinizes it. The antioxidant capacity is common in both, but it will depend on its bioavailability to determine how effective it is. According to most experts, diseases develop in acidic environments, with little oxygen (hypoxia) and with many free radicals. Alkanatur Ionized Alkaline Water targets all of the above effectively.

What is the difference between alkaline water drops and the Alkanatur Ionized Alkaline Water?

 The alkaline drops adds minearls to the water. People with health problems should take precautions, as this system adds sodium and minerals contraindicated in many patholdogies. The antioxidant capacity of these drops is very weak compared to that of Alkanatur water.

Is it normal for some particles to appear in the water the first few times its filtered?

  When the filter is activated it is normal sometimes to see these particles in the water. These particles are coconut charcoal, 100% natural. After a few filtrations these particles should stop appearing.

Can there be some residue on the walls of the Pitcher?

  Water varies everywhere, in some places it has excess calcium, our filter removes part of this calcium , adds magnesium and leaves the potassium present in the water. Making these 3 alkaline minerals essential for our health. This means that the walls of the Pitcher may remain opaque. Filling the pitcher with hot water and adding a few drops of white vinegar or lemon should remove the residue in just one hour.