How to become your Best Version?

How to become your Best Version?

Why is it that so many times we dream but we don't do anything about it? Is it that we don't believe in our self? Are we scare of failure? Well, we are pretty sure that everyone has their own reasons. But today we want to challenge you to break that chain and to “Fight for your best version”.


  1. Your motivation has to come from the inside

If you really want to achieve something the reason has to be because YOU WANT, not because what other people want from you.

We are never going to be able to control the actions of others, therefore, is not worth it to fight for dreams of others. We have to fight for our own dreams. So when we make this decision, we are being in control of our own actions, that means we have power to fight over it. 


  1. Jump into the pool

The only way to learn how to swim is jumping into the pool. After you have that inside motivation the next step is act. Our recommendation is:


Dream --> Plan --> Act


You have to be careful with the second step. Perfection is the enemy of progress. Don’t wait till you plan is perfect, plan to have a vision and goals. In the journey you are going to be learning more and more. And always remember is not about arriving to the top of the mountain, is about enjoying the journey. So if it is necessary to take breaks, do it! But don’t quit! If you have to fight more, for sure once’s you get it, you will enjoy more.


  1. It's OK to FAIL

Do you know the meaning of failure? First Attempt In Learning. Failure gives you experience, and if you see that bad experience in a way of how can you make the most of it by learning… believe us, you will not success just in that failure but in many areas of your life too. The real problem is how we see the problem.

And important fact, never blame others. When you blame others you give up the power to be transformed.


  1. Your habits will define you

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence therefore is not an act, is a habit”

  • Aristotle

What are your habits today? Your body is your temple. So you have to take care of that temple to achieve your dreams and to be fill with energy. 

Why in Just Vircu care so much about healthy living? Because we believe when you feel fresh, you can become your best version. We don’t want to just sell you healthy living products, we want to help you to achieve your dreams. We believe that if everyone is in their best version of themselves we can make a positive impact and change the world.

That's reason why we sell our Miomat, Alkaline Pitcher and Shower Filter. This products make your life easy but at the same time they fight for you in your daily healthy habits so you can become a healthy person and feel good. This products fight in a unconscious way for you to awake your conscious.

Being healthy is not easy, if it was easy life would be much different. We know that many people want to become their best version, so let this products fight for you. Just believe.




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