I am coffee addicted

I am coffee addicted

For a long time I was denying myself the fact of how bad coffee was for me. I am a college student, and sometimes I have to stay awake the whole night to finish some tasks. And during those long nights, coffee was my best. I remember, one cup of coffee was never enough. I could drink 3 cups in one night! It was so normal for me! That was not even the worst part, I had constant headaches because of coffee.

I could feel that something was wrong, maybe in the past it was easier to avoid the feeling but I chose to wake my consciousness and listen to my body screaming for help. 

So I did an experiment, no more coffee for me on the weekends! And the crazy thing that happened was that I could not get out of bed without a cup of coffee. I was basically the entire weekend in my bed because of my “No coffee experiment”

I had to do something about it, I had to fight for my best version! So I searched on google ways to replace coffee! That when my saviour arrived! Just Vircu Conscious Ecommerce! I found out that they were selling coffee but not any coffee! Organic coffee! Same effect, healthier ingredients! Called Focus Fuel Coffee (details below), with this organic coffee blend I needed much less coffee and was more productive so I can become my better self. 


Focus Fuel Coffee Blend is an instant mushroom coffee blend made with a combination of organic freeze-dried coffee, organic lion’s mane extract, brain-nourishing adaptogens, the most ketogenic medium chain fatty acid and plant based omega’s along with gut nourishing probiotics and coconut milk powder base. Organic Traditions Focus Fuel Coffee support focus, memory and creativity. Now I feel free, free from traditional caffeine that was so bad for me! And thanks to Just Vircu this gets even better! I mix all my blends with my Alkaline Water of Alkanatur Water Pitcher! If you want to know more about it, stay tuned for my next blog! 

Awake the best version of you!


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